Wanderlust – Iceland and my favorite pictures






[In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Wanderlust]

I recently visited Iceland and already wrote up quite a lot about the food and my favorite experiences. But a photo is worth a thousand words, so here are just a few of the wonderful images I captured on my adventure.


20 thoughts on “Wanderlust – Iceland and my favorite pictures

      • Yes, my group rented a car. As there were 4 of us the cost was reasonable, but paying for it alone would be more of a hurdle. Roughly $400-500 USD for a week, and gas was $400 as well. So get together some friends if you can as that really helps a lot.

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      • Thanks for your tips and info on the prices. 1000 USD is a lot of money (in Poland it’s more than avarage monthly salary), but if we split it… I guess the views are worth it :). I’ve heard there’s a place in Iceland where an old crashed US Navy Douglas plane still lies, like for 50 years already. I’d like to go there and see it too!


      • You could possibly trim the costs by renting a 2 wheel drive car and picking manual over automatic. We picked a 4 wheel drive to handle the winter roads. I saw some of the 2WD manuals for $150 less. We also drove close to 1000km so you could do a shorter journey.

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      • If you had to, you could stay close to Reykjavik and use the tours. A lot of great places were within a day trip. But you have to decide if you are the type that likes guided tours if you do that.

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      • Together with my wife we’re not really fans of guided tours – we prefer to move freely, in our own pace and to spend as much time as we like in certain places :). In Vietnam we hired a car with a driver, but prices there are ridiciulously low, in contrary to Iceland I guess :). Maybe we should go there with another couple and share the car rent…


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