Convicted: Episodes 1 & 2 – First Impressions

Convicted is a new podcast, narrated by Brooke Gittings, about a man (Mr. Nicholas) convicted of murdering his two year old daughter. This true crime podcast is another venture in the now common trope of a man who claims he has been wrongfully convicted, and the friends and family who support him. So what's different?... Continue Reading →


I could kick your ass…

...for doing something stupid like that! Those were the words of my father when I surprised my parents with the video of my  hang gliding session. Due to the blessing that is Groupon, a friend and I snagged some discounted tickets to hang-glide. Normally I don't put my life in the hands of a discounted coupon.... Continue Reading →

Ég Reyndi Ísland

I successfully visited Iceland and returned unharmed. This is a big deal for me since my previous attempt to travel overseas ended in two broken legs.  That's a different story. If you are planning to visit Iceland and are like me, you may have researched and read countless blogs and articles, and watched dozens of... Continue Reading →

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