Lore The Show- Episode 1 Review

Two months ago I reviewed the Lore Podcast. I was impressed by its seamless blending of supernatural ghost story tone, actual intriguing facts and tales, and easy to digest short format. Its a good podcast and one I enjoy as I learned about topics ranging from Mothman to H.H Holmes. But is it a style... Continue Reading →

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Photography: A Glorious Sunset

I enjoy checking the daily prompts. Sometimes they fall completely flat for me (I'm sorry, nothing comes to mind at the word 'Penchant' or 'Elevate') but the moment I saw today's word the photos I love instantly came to mind. To me there is nothing more glorious than seeing the sun rise or set. Of... Continue Reading →

Danger! That's the photo challenge theme this week. My mind immediately jumped to one of my favorite yearly events, the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  It's an event filled with dangerous performances like jousting and aerial acrobatics. See below for some of the pictures I've captured in previous years. via Photo Challenge: Danger!

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