Wolf Trap and The Movies – A Modern Way to Preserve the Arts

This past weekend I attended a sold out show at a popular DC concert venue. The lawn was full well over an hour before show time and the place was a mad house. People were in costumes and wearing merchandise everywhere. No, it wasn't Lady GaGa or Bruno Mars- it was an outdoor screening of... Continue Reading →


Ég Reyndi Ísland

I successfully visited Iceland and returned unharmed. This is a big deal for me since my previous attempt to travel overseas ended in two broken legs.  That's a different story. If you are planning to visit Iceland and are like me, you may have researched and read countless blogs and articles, and watched dozens of... Continue Reading →

Iceland, T-2 Days!

After much planning and prepping this is it. I’m visiting Iceland in 2 days! I am so excited. I have wanted to travel abroad forever, and Iceland made my list after seeing the movie Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  It’s also probably the most impulsive trip I’ve ever taken in my life. Friends and I... Continue Reading →

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